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Badge Holders, Lanyards, Reels, and Clips

Badge Holders, Lanyards, Reels, and Clips

Choose from a wide variety of badge accessories designed to protect and display ID badges and cards. Our selection includes rigid and flexible badge holders, standard and custom lanyards, badge clips, wristbands, standard and custom badge reels, and badge chains. We also carry handheld, stapler-style, and electric slot punches for making cards compatible with badge accessory attachments. Shop products by category below!

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Design Your Custom Lanyard

Create personalized lanyards that affordably promote your brand or event! With our interactive custom lanyard tool, you can choose from multiple styles, preview your design and submit your order within minutes.

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Photo ID Badge Accessories

Lanyards, badge reels, or badge clips: which accessory is best for your application? Answer these four easy questions to help determine which badge accessory you should purchase:

#1: Is safety a primary issue?
Safety should always be your #1 concern when choosing photo ID badge accessories, especially for businesses with dangerous machinery, medical facilities, or schools with young children.

For example, industrial environments are not well-suited for a lanyard that hangs around the neck. Instead, badge reels might be a better and safer option.

If you want to use a lanyard but you’re concerned about safety, breakaway lanyards are the perfect option, because they offer a built-in safety feature. If the lanyard is grabbed by someone or caught on something, the breakaway portion automatically opens so the person wearing the lanyard won’t be injured.

#2: Does the ID badge always need to be close at hand?
If your cardholders need to have easy access to their ID card – such as a proximity card for building door access – a retractable badge reel will probably be the best option. That’s because it’s easy (and about as convenient as it gets!) to pull the ID card away to scan a door reader.

#3: Does the badge need to be highly visible?
If you need the badge to be out in the open at all times, a lanyard or a badge clip are your best options. Badge reels are typically worn at the hip and aren’t as visible. To display your ID cards and also to prevent the need for punching a slot in them, consider using ID badge holders. They will help protect your cards from everyday wear and tear, and they are smart, affordable way to display your credentials.

How to Choose the Right Badge Accessory

When you’re choosing badge accessories, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. The most critical consideration is safety.

Industrial Workplaces
If you work in an industrial setting and wand to prominently display your ID card or badge, the conventional lanyard may not be the best choice, especially if it’s not equipped with a breakaway closure which safely disconnects under pressure to eliminate the risk of choking.

A better option might be an arm band badge holder, because it easily affixes to your arm to display your badge yet keeps your ID close at hand.

Building Access
Is your photo ID printed on a proximity card for door access to your building? If it is, many prox card users choose to use the retractable badge reels due to their convenience and ease of pulling the ID card away from yourself to scan the door reader. This prevents the need to remove the lanyard from your neck or unclip the ID card from your shirt in order to reach the door’s proximity card reader.

Medical & Education
Many educational systems and medical facilities choose lanyards. We carry an extensive array of colors, styles and custom applications where the school or medical name, logo, and colors can add a more professional touch.

Customized lanyards are easily seen and recognized. Plus, they are durable and reliable with a variety of attachment options to also hold your ID card, a pen, cell phone holders, and more.

Security + Branding
Some organizations choose to customize their lanyards or their badge reels or both. In addition to added security and protection for your credentials, custom lanyards and badge reelsoffer a vehicle for establishing or building brand recognition.

Which Badge Accessories Should I Use with My ID Card?

Often overlooked until the last minute, the ID card accessory you choose will affect your employees’ daily work life and may also determine whether or not your ID program is a success. Consider the following when choosing your ID card accessory:

1. What type of environment are your employees in?
You can clip it, hang it, or put it on your arm or hard hat. Make sure the accessory you choose will not interfere with your employees’ safety. Don’t forget about the reflective holders and lanyards – they can even be customized!

2. Will the card need to be physically reviewed or swiped?
If the card has to be swiped on a daily basis, consider an easy access holder or one with a thumb notch for easy card removal.

3. How will it be attached?
You can punch a slot in the card, use a holder with a slot, or use a gripper attachment. Keep in mind that punching a slot in the card will interfere with the design and overall look.

4. What type of look are you going for?
Carry your ID card design through to your accessory by customizing your lanyard, badge reel or badge holder. Customization is fast and affordable. Plus it gives your ID card ensemble a more professional finished look.

ID Wholesaler deals with a wide a variety of badge accessories and can help you find the best option for a facility. Badge accessories are the least expensive part of an ID card system, but they are definitely just as important!

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